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31-12-2021 05:58:51  #902

Re: New Member Thread

Hi from Georgia, new member and typewriter enthusiast 

I have not used a typewriter since high school, but my typing class in the 60s has served me well. I took the class to meet girls and learned to type as a side benefit. I've always been drawn to mechanical things to learn out they work, taking a deep dive that usually goes in 5 year spurts, then on to something else. Cameras, darkroom, guitars, RC planes, cars, and so it goes. I wrote a screenplay and made an indie film about 5 years ago. If i had used a typewriter it might have slowed me down and I would have done a better job. 
Typewriters acquired in the past year:
- Consul 225 (66?)
- Smith Corona Super Silent, '56
- Smith Corona Sterling, '54
- Smith Corona SCM Sterling  

Nice little forum ya got here. . .  be a shame if something happened to it; like having me as a member. 



31-12-2021 14:12:18  #903

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Mike!

I've got a feeling you'll fit right in - and I can relate to your progression of interests; lately I've been putting typewriters on the backburner in favor of film cameras, and it's perhaps not so surprising that the repair skills learned from one mechanical interest often serve well with others. 

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13-1-2022 03:36:50  #904

Re: New Member Thread

Hi all,

I'm a typewriter collector currently based in Germany (born here, raised in England). I got my first typewriter in 2016 -- a Smith-Corona Classic 12 -- and have been hooked ever since. I now have a small collection of mostly German machines taking up a lot of space in my apartment. I look forward to drawing on the expertise and experience of others who share this passion and, where possible, contributing my own thoughts and tips!



13-1-2022 14:19:15  #905

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Alex, glad you could join us, and I'm looking forward to reading more about your collection.

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14-1-2022 12:04:59  #906

Re: New Member Thread

Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I suspect my story will familiar to most of you - I decided that my writing process would benefit from using a typewriter for my first drafts because typewriters are designed for one function with no added distractions. Having looked for one machine, I suddenly find myself with three (Adler, Facit, AEG Olympia, one more in transit (Citizen X3), and one unidentified one that a neighbour is going to get out of his attic that belonged to his father.. I also have an exasperated spouse and a cluttered desk ...

Anyway: I'm Ian, retired, a writer of weird fiction and happy to be here. 

I wish I was a head light on a north-bound train

14-1-2022 16:21:36  #907

Re: New Member Thread

IanSB wrote:

I suspect my story will familiar to most of you ... I also have an exasperated spouse...

That's an all-too-familiar scenario for me!

Welcome, Ian - and don't forget to tell what the mystery machine ended up being.

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