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13-12-2021 08:40:16  #1

Sears Electric 12...$ 4.99 Win

Have this Sears Electric 12 typewriter coming in.

It was my "win" of $ 4.99 on SGW.  With shipping, it will get $ 19 from my wallet.

Looks to be made by Silver-Seiko in Japan.  Closest other machine I can see to this Sears is the Royal Apollo 12-GT.

Write up was that it needed a cleaning, but turns on, does not make noise, and all functions seem to work.  Case handle needs a better replacement.


29-1-2022 14:12:14  #2

Re: Sears Electric 12...$ 4.99 Win

Well this one cleaned up well and with a new drive belt and ribbon, it is now a 10 year old girl's machine in our neighborhood.

When she decides on colors, I told her I would do a custom paint job for her on the machine and the case but it would need to wait for warming painting weather outside.

This young girl and her Mom offer to help elders' with bringing in their mail and will even walk their dogs...and not accept a penny for their efforts.

Figured she deserved a reward.

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29-1-2022 16:41:32  #3

Re: Sears Electric 12...$ 4.99 Win

Applause, applause, Pete. 

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.

29-1-2022 17:18:04  #4

Re: Sears Electric 12...$ 4.99 Win

Very nice.


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