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20-2-2022 20:03:54  #1

Virtual Herman's

Last night, before going to bed (pacific time), I caught up on some blogs. From Ted Munk's, I discovered the Virtual Herman's conference, which had just concluded. I'd not heard of this, before, though I did notice that it is connected to the gathering of typewriter enthusiasts shown near the end of California Typewriter. 

Is this intended to be a regular event? If so, how frequently? And, how does one find out about it before it actually happens? And, will videos of yesterday's presentations be made available sometime as VH1 was? 

[and, my condolences to Mr. Munk on the loss of Number Six]


23-2-2022 02:32:51  #2

Re: Virtual Herman's

Virtual Herman's 2 ended on the 19th.  Herman's is an annual gathering going back more than a decade, but was made virtual due to COVID. Herman Price, the patron behind it all, was part of the california typewriter doc.  Excellent guy, amazing collection.  You can see the recordings from last year at and the ones from this year will be out in the next couple weeks.  So you really didnt miss much other than the mingling and conversation.  Honestly, it's best in person, but the team did a magnificent job of pulling a high quality event together on zoom

Typewriter Service Tech (and avid nerd)

23-2-2022 13:41:41  #3

Re: Virtual Herman's

Thanks, Lucas! I've started in on the recordings. Great stuff and I'm learning a bunch. It has me on the hunt for vertical script Smith-Coronas, and gave me some tips on fixing my 5 series Sterling. 

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