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15-10-2020 11:57:16  #11

Re: Facit TP-2


That is such a terrible story to hear.

I have replied to your Private Message and will wait for you when work thins out for you.


15-10-2020 16:17:23  #12

Re: Facit TP-2

OMG Why?
They throw them away? There isn't people willing to pay for replacement cases? They could sell them if unwilling to store them. Strange.. the demand should be there as they worn out pretty easily, given enough decades forgotten  in storage  to decay,  or after decades of   (ab)use. I will pay for a replacement case for my Lettera 32 that couldn't survive  56 years , as the machine did .  My aunt, has a still  almost spotless case as her machine was never stored, well cared and  serving her for a lifetime and I always envied her 32 case!


15-10-2020 16:30:43  #13

Re: Facit TP-2

Hmm on second thought maybe there isn't such a demand for stamped metal  shell-type carrying cases ,like Triumph's, or Hermes . These things are almost indestructible.


16-11-2020 14:34:21  #14

Re: Facit TP-2

Laurenz' new Triumph badge on my typewriter case.

Thank you, so much, Laurenz !

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18-11-2020 02:17:31  #15

Re: Facit TP-2

Thanks for posting the image Pete, I am happy it all worked out. Lau


24-3-2022 16:32:26  #16

Re: Facit TP-2

Back to my Facit TP-2 in the Opening Post...

My original rubber feet were pretty shot and worn-out.

Found a seller on eBay in the USA ("biermeister1") who sells a set to fit the TP-2 and the 1620 perfectly.  $ 25 for the set of 4 and that included free shipping.  New feet are a firm but soft rubber. 

Good grip on my working desk with or without my typing pad under the machine.

Here are some before & after photos.

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24-3-2022 22:37:54  #17

Re: Facit TP-2

Hi Pete

I have also been looking at those feet, but the seller won't ship to Canada and has his "Contact Seller" option turned off. I'd like to get a couple of those sets and a set of feet for my 1940 Underwood Leader. All the best,


We humans go through many computers in our lives, but in their lives, typewriters go through many of us.
In that way, they’re like violins, like ancestral swords. So I use mine with honor and treat them with respect.
I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
Frederic S. Durbin. (Typewriter mania and the modern writer)

25-3-2022 00:10:06  #18

Re: Facit TP-2

Sky, do you have access to a 3D printer? Biermeister (Scott Bierly) has put some his 3D models for typewriter feet (and a few other typewriter parts) on Thingiverse: Designs - Thingiverse.

Pete, I'd love to know how you find these work in a good typewriting session. Do they grip reasonably well so the typewriter doesn't drift? Do they dampen well? I wonder how they rate vs feet on Etsy (TypewriterStuff | Etsy)

I've been thinking of getting some TPU filament to print new feet for various machines - at least for the ones in direst need - but I need to upgrade the hot-end of my 3D printer first... 

Come to think of it, RobertG of the "Backspace does not erase" blog puts his 3D models up on Thingiverse, too: Designs - Thingiverse


25-3-2022 07:32:07  #19

Re: Facit TP-2


I used my Facit last night directly on top of my wooden desk with its gloss varithane finish and it did not move or rotate as I worked for about 1.25 hours.

These "printed" feet are very good, but the ones Tony Castillo sells (typewriterstuff) are better as they are molded/manufactureredI got a set for my Hermes 3000 and love his product.  But Tony does not offer them for Facit machines.

The old feet on my Facit where like hardened concrete and they started to crumble I was happy to get this new set.

I use a "dimpled" neoprene pad (that came under a barbell weight "tree") some years ago... so I normally have rubber-to-rubber contact under my typewriters when they are in use.  The dimples act as a sound trap, as well.

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25-3-2022 08:44:36  #20

Re: Facit TP-2

Thanks for reporting your findings. Good to know they work well.

I like that pad, too. Will have to hunt around. 


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