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14-9-2014 12:55:50  #1

?? Calligraph typewriter ??

I found this listed on eBay. It seems oddly disorganized for a typewriter. What is the story behind it?

It is list for at least 5 days, possibly more feel free to take a look.

Mr. John Pagan

14-9-2014 15:03:16  #2

Re: ?? Calligraph typewriter ??

All bets are off when you get into early typewriters. There were no standard designs back then and many companies came up with their own unique interpretation of how best to build a typing machine. My own interest in typewriters is far to practical to consider buying an early machine, but there are collectors with a deeply rooted interest in the history of typewriter development, so these machines and their seemingly crazy variations are essential to their collection.

Stay Safe! 

15-9-2014 11:55:16  #3

Re: ?? Calligraph typewriter ??

Very interesting. That's a very early, "blind" typewriter with two sets of typebars - one for lowercase, one for uppercase. Designwise it is very interesting, but it looks like it was partially submerged for a while, or at least stored in a very damp basement. There's a lot of surface rust and corrosion everywhere; it's definitely not in the best of shapes. By the looks of it, it is a pre-1900 machine.


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