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04-4-2022 07:22:44  #1841

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


If you find you need a pair of new o-ring belts for your Hermes 10 and cannot find any local, drop me a Message and I would be happy to send you a pair or two for free.

I bought a pack of 25 from McMaster-Carr on-line and have many left over.

Glad you went for the Hermes 10 in Eugene.  It looked to be a nice one.



04-4-2022 14:06:56  #1842

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Sk8rcruz I look forward to seeing it in action. Sometimes the magic does happen!


09-4-2022 09:22:23  #1843

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


" Warning Will Robinson ! "

Those Hermes 10 machines can be really addictive...


18-4-2022 16:58:35  #1844

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

My first of the 50's vintage QDLs arrived today, with the fun bonus of a math character set. The line feed is interesting: the line feed selector has three positions, which give single, double, and triple spacing, respectively; but the platen ratchet is in 1/3 increments (e.g. when you set it on single-space, and move the line feed lever, it clicks 3 times). I'm guessing this is part of the math package: it lets you go 1/3 up and 1/3 down for equations, while still giving you 1/3 of a minimum line gap of 1/3 if you set it at double-spacing. Haven't noticed any other differences yet.

Unfortunately, one of the anchoring clamps in the case was missing the tab that grabs the machine, so it arrived partially loose in the case. Looks like it smashed the handle off as well. No major damage to the typewriter that I've noticed yet (quick checkout shows it fully functional and just needs a clean-out and tune). But, it does mean that I can't tilt the case up or carry it from the handle as the machine will clunk around. It needs to stay flat...


26-4-2022 19:57:50  #1845

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

My first purchase from across the seas. I was completely taken by the color, swoopy lines, and bat-mobile case. 

It certainly needs a cleanup. The carriage moves ponderously, even with a little extra tension. (It's also silent, too, when moving it with the carriage release - is that typical for this machine?). I love that the escapement and other internals are so readily available. Unfortunately, they're covered in a thick, dirty oil - hence the need for a thorough cleaning.

It looks like this machine's body is also the frame, so I won't be pulling it off to do the cleaning. Hopefully, mineral spirits don't interact with the paint. Will have to test inside...



26-4-2022 20:47:47  #1846

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


I have a 1957 Imperial Good Companion 5 as well.  Brought mine in from the UK.

My carriage glides but does make a quiet ractheting noise in both directions.


27-4-2022 09:05:02  #1847

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Looks great! Do you happen to have a picture of the feet (both typewriter and case if you've got them)? Mine are crumbling, so I'll likely try to design and 3D print some. But, I don't know what they're supposed to look like. 


27-4-2022 12:16:15  #1848

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


My case is the chestnut brown leatherette type with no rubber feet on the bottom but only 4 metal studs along the back panel so the case can be set on a table or the floor on its back edge.

Photos of case and my machine feet, below. 

My feet are hard but not crumbling yet.  On my bar service mat, the machine does not move when typing.


27-4-2022 12:33:53  #1849

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

And if you are not a "purist" and do not mind more generic rubber bumper feet replacement, you might take a look at this outfit in the USA.

I have several of them (several styles) on some of my machines and they are very good quality and all made in the USA in S. California.  Not the crappola you can buy from Ali-Baba...



27-4-2022 14:56:36  #1850

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

This same vendor has a store on eBay, as well :


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