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29-4-2022 14:58:51  #1

Ring and cylinder adjustment for Olympia Traveller

I've got an Olympia Traveller deluxe on which the type bars on the right side of the segment look good, but type bars on the far left side of the segment do not contact the abutment ring when the type slug is in contact with the platen. 

How does one do a ring and cylinder adjustment on this? 

The carriage shift pivot is anchored to the back of the frame, so it doesn't look like it can move forward or back. The segment is screwed to a bracket that is screwed to the bottom of the frame, and neither sets of screws look like they have play for adjustment. Perhaps this model is not adjustable after it left the factory?

I can't find any Traveller / SF manuals; only SM and SG which look quite different. 



29-4-2022 17:02:05  #2

Re: Ring and cylinder adjustment for Olympia Traveller

 The carriage rails are effectively in a 'cradle' that can be adjusted front to back to obtain the correct 'ring and cylinder'.  However, the ring and cylinder being out on one side of the segment sounds as if the machine may have been dropped and the whole frame twisted.  If this is the case, you have nothing to lose in trying to adjust, but you may not get very far.


30-4-2022 16:25:39  #3

Re: Ring and cylinder adjustment for Olympia Traveller


I think I've found the set screws to move the cradle; one on either side at the back. I loosened the lock nuts and backed off the set screws, but the cradle doesn't budge. The only other attachment I can see between the cradle and the shift frame is a wide-head screw on the side. I loosened them, too, but still get no movement. Am I headed down the wrong path?

Here's what I think is the set screw (the leftmost of the two screws facing the camera, just below the center of the picture; the mirror image screws are on the other side of the machine).

Here's the wide-head screw I mentioned, hiding shyly behind the on-foot adjustment screws. 

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30-4-2022 16:49:05  #4

Re: Ring and cylinder adjustment for Olympia Traveller

You have found exactly the right screws !  You need to back off the 'wide headed' screws a little and then the whole cradle should move.  If you turn the adjustment screws, count how many turns or part-turns each and write it down.  If you go wrong, then you can always restore the original adjustment.


02-5-2022 09:27:05  #5

Re: Ring and cylinder adjustment for Olympia Traveller

Thanks for your help! With these tips, I was able to adjust the typewriter. 

It turns out that much of the variation I was seeing across the segment was due to inconsistencies in where on the typebar I pressed to hold it against the abutment ring. Once I started doing that in the same place on all keys, below the abutment ring, then I got more consistency. Not perfect, but closer: my feeler gauges tell me that the right side of the segment is now positioned at about 0.15mm, and the left at 0.18mm. (I used the range suggested in the SM-3 adjustment service bulletin in the Olympia SM Repair Bible).  

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