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09-5-2022 16:49:34  #1

Olivetti - Pocket Dictionary...

Along with other owner paperwork in my 1950 Olivetti Lettera 22 came this neat Olivetti pocket dictionary, published by Webster Dictionary Co.

But based on a photo/print on the back of the little book is not only a Lettera 22 but also a Studio 44 which did not start production until 1954.

So the pocket dictionary was added by some onwer a bit after the machine was first sold.

Pocket dictionary was sold by the Louisville Typewriter Co. shop in Louisville, KY.

Machine was also sold by this same shop, based on a receipt with the machine & case...but that sale for this 1950-made machine did not occur until 1959.  Maybe a re-sale of the machine in 1959.


09-5-2022 20:08:03  #2

Re: Olivetti - Pocket Dictionary...

ooooh I want one! Awesome!


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Re: Olivetti - Pocket Dictionary...

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