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12-5-2022 07:27:55  #1

Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...from the mid 1950's or so.

Decent win from SGW.  Should have it in -hand in about a week.  All in, it set me back about $ 62 USD including S/H fees.

The case is what drew my attention to the auction.

I have always felt somewhat "meh" about the styling of these machines.  Curious to get one in my hands and give it a try-out.

More photos after a spa-day on my work bench.


12-5-2022 09:10:16  #2

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

After some standard cleaning and tweaking I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  I bought one on a lark for $16 in a thrift shop and it did need some repair of the margin setting but works great now.  Visually it shows it's age but it types very well.  The case has an is tedious to put back in the case to secure it.  You may end up cursing a bit.


12-5-2022 11:58:19  #3

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

I think they're excellent machines, even though its design is a softened version of the spectacular All New Portable that preceded it. Actually, the design of the entire range '50s Remington Riter models - much like Olympia models - are very complimentary, but I really need to take a photo of the Travel-Riter with Letter/Quiet/Super Riters to fully prove my point.

EDIT: I forgot that I had taken such a photo many years ago and just found it now...


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13-5-2022 13:21:15  #4

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...


That's quiet the striking pair of machines...side-by-side.

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15-5-2022 20:37:30  #5

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Fed Exp truck came on a Sunday.

SGW did an excellent job in packing and protecting the machine and case.

Tomorrow, if weather cooperates, it will be on my work bench.

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28-5-2022 20:55:12  #6

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Today was a cleaning & servicing day on a nice warm Spring day here in Idaho - USA.

My new-to-me 1957 Remington Quiet-Riter cleaned up very well and now runs quietly and smoothly.  New silk B&R ribbon on its original metal cups and spool covers.  Replaced some felt pads that were a bit dodgy smelling.

Couple of nicks in the paint...I mixed up some custom flat, acrylic paint to match and you cannot see the areas of touch up.

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28-5-2022 22:30:45  #7

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Nicely done! Looks great. Let us know how it types.

This thread has inspired me to start looking into these typewriters. Uwe's photos are especially dangerous - that trio would make a nice collection within a collection. 


29-5-2022 07:45:20  #8

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...


Yes...Uwe's group photos make me feel like the " I am not worthy" line of the movie "Wayne's World".

I would rate this typewriter as a solid B+ student in a classroom setting.

Adjusted and cleaned and touch control set to still feels like it is trying to catch up with my typing I have to pace myself a bit otherwise I get numerous type-slug jam-ups.

I am not sure if this in only unique to my machine or if other machines share this trait, too.  I have no others at-hand with which to compare.

But at least it does not slow me down like my 1947 Royal QDL does.  That one I use for slow-typing days to put initial thoughts down on paper.

The Remington Quiet-Riter is a heavy portable at 15.8 lbs. without its case weight.  Sits and feels a bit more like a standard machine on my desk.

The Remington "coffee cup" key-tops need some polishing along the sides of the key-top plastic.  Right now the edges of adjacent key-tops are shredding  the sides of my fingers as I hit a key-top in the center of two adjacent ones. 

Each key-top is 2 pieces of plastic...the upper part with the letter/character glued to the bottom part of plastic which engages the lever below.  I think with time, there is some shrinkage of the shape of the bottom plastic which leaves the upper plastic part exposed along its edges.  I had the same issue with my 1964 Remington Torpedo 18s machine that had these "coffee cup" key-tops, as well.

This Remington case has the build quality of some of the well-built cases from the 1950's for sewing machines that can weigh 30-40 lbs.

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29-5-2022 17:35:06  #9

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Thanks for the detailed notes. Sounds like a solid, though not blazing typer with some great 50s styling. I, too, don't have any experience with similar machines. I'm hoping to go to a type-in at Type Fever in Bremerton next week. Perhaps he's got a similar machine I could look at (I've never been to a type-in or to Type Fever, so don't know).

I agree with you on the QDLs. My 40's QDLs teach me to live life at an unhurried pace (with Champion Jack Dupree's Strollin in the back of my mind as I type).

Good to know about the key caps. Thanks for that tip! 


29-5-2022 18:16:07  #10

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

How lucky you are to be in Seattle...Bremerton and even Portland would be my often-visit places if we still lived up in Mill Creek, WA.

Looks like your type-in is being co-hosted by Typewriter Fever and Paul Lundy's shop...both in Bremerton :

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