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15-5-2022 08:23:39  #1

Discovery: Dozens of Polish typewriters specimens, help needed

Dear all,

I have been contacted by a Polish fellow, with a late family member whose profession was the forensic analysis of typewritten documents. This person passed away in 2020 and left behind in his heritage an archive of his forensic profession. This archive includes (among other things) dozens of typeface samples with the corresponding make and model. As the heir is not that much addicated to typewriters as the members of this forum are, I asked for permission to post a sample of these typeface specimens here. It was granted. Please find this sample over here:

The inherited archive includes dozens of such document collections.

The file linked to above includes contact information. By all means, please contact this Polish individual at the e-mail address included in the PDF if you wish to preserve, digitise, or otherwise work with this fabulous finding. As of now, the archive is not digitised. This Polish fellow is unable to deal with this large amount of paper in order to preserve it for posterity, so he would be glad if someone can help him with preserval and/or analysis of all these documents.

In addition, I am sure the members of this forum would be quite eager to see how such an effort progresses, so please keep us updated if you contact him.


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