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07-6-2022 19:19:33  #21

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Uwe wrote:

robmck wrote:

... (t)here's a Torpedo (model 18?) that still lingers in my mind and fingertips (though my wallet is not ready for the $600 price tag). 

$600 USD!?! I keep seeing these asking prices for portables that we were buying not that many years ago for less than $50 CAD, but I doubt that I'll ever get used to them. I understand that this particular one was probably refurbished, restored, or re-something



08-6-2022 09:30:21  #22

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...


Yes a long road trip with some over-night stays to get to next year's type-in at Bremerton WA could also be combined with visiting the 3-4 typewriter shops in Portland OR on my way home.

I have placed a schedule reminder on my PC for next early keep an eye out for the Type-In announcements.

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08-6-2022 10:57:16  #23

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Sounds like a great trip! I've been meaning to do a typewriter safari in Portland but haven't gotten around to it yet. 


08-6-2022 12:48:55  #24

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

robmck wrote:

I've been meaning to do a typewriter safari in Portland but haven't gotten around to it yet. 

Typewriter hunts - particularly with someone who is equally keen about finding such treasures - is a lot of fun. About seven years ago I went with a friend on a full-day sweep of a region two hours to the west and had a real blast. We combed local ads and antique shops, and came back without any room left in his car. I think we bought a dozen or so machines between us, many of them standards, which is why we ran out of room. We still go out hunting together a few times a year, but it's just to our local antique markets where the competition is stiff and the prices typically higher than we're willing to pay.



08-6-2022 22:43:14  #25

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

Great haul!

So the lesson is: bring the biggest car you can...


09-6-2022 08:37:58  #26

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter....In-Coming...

I found myself going to lots of local thrift shops here in Idaho.

Never came home with a decent typewriter (at a decent price) but vintage sewing machines from the 1950-60's kept following me home.

We now have 10 of them and they all work & got serviced by us and my wife loves to sew.  Her sewing/hobby room can hold no more.

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