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10-6-2022 18:54:08  #1

Olympia SGE 35 that only take film ribbons?


10-6-2022 20:40:57  #2

Re: Olympia SGE 35 that only take film ribbons?

Hi Paul,

That is a fascinating machine.  I was not aware of such a factory option.  Thanks for the time in posting up your photos.

I notice it still has the 2-color ribbon selector lever on the left side of the key-board.  Is that functional or no longer functional ?

Is finding film-ribbon a problem for you in your part of the World ?


11-6-2022 19:02:17  #3

Re: Olympia SGE 35 that only take film ribbons?

Hi Pete,
I don't know much about it. It was in such a bad shape that I took it to my repair guy on the same day. I noticed that the big spool you see there (there are actually two of them) goes on the side of the machine, just like its big sisters. I guess he's just moved it to the position you see in the photo to make it easier to adjust things.
The colour selector is not functional, I think.
As for finding ribbons for this particular machine, just forget about it. Apparently, I could use the ribbons inside the Olivetti Praxis' cassettes, which are still available.

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