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20-6-2022 18:46:20  #1

Underwood Leader, Champion or Universal?

Trying to decide on my next acquisition. I know I want an Underwood,late 1950s vintage, but cant decide among the Leader, Universal or Champion. What are your thoughts. (And dont suggest buying one of each! I just might take your advice). Seriously though, just one Underwood will do.


20-6-2022 23:25:13  #2

Re: Underwood Leader, Champion or Universal?

Hi Rusty Keys

The way I understand the difference between the three is in the features built into each model. All 3 machines are built on the same frame, so it looks like the Leader has some empty positions in the frame. The Leader is a stripped down economy model so was the leader in price as it was the most affordable. The Leader has no tabulator, right margin stop, no lone lock or touch control. It also has minimal sound dampening as cost cutting measures.

I'm not sure which is the better equipped model, the Universal or the Champion, but it comes down to the added features like page support (I think) extra sound insulating felt and the other features like tabulator, touch control and so forth. Hope this gives you some information to work with. All the best,


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21-6-2022 07:15:41  #3

Re: Underwood Leader, Champion or Universal?


For a portable that will be used primarily on your desk, spring for a machine with a tabulator function.

I do not mind a Tab function missing on a ultra-portable...but for any length of time typing at my desk, the Tab is a must for me.

And any sort of touch-control is always very nice to have with varying paper weight use and/or new ribbon/old ribbon times.


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