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29-6-2022 08:08:56  #1

Gromina Ring and Cylinder adjustment?

Does anyone know how to make the ring and cylinder adjustment on a Groma Gromina? The typebars strike the ring leaving about 0.020" gap between the slug and the platen. With a temporary shim behind the paper, the type is clear, on-feet and alignment both look great. 

Thanks for any direction. According to TWD it looks like at least Uwe owns one.

Take care,


30-6-2022 18:06:15  #2

Re: Gromina Ring and Cylinder adjustment?


Cannot help you with the Groma Gromina, but here is a YouTube video for how it is done on an Olympia SM3...


30-6-2022 18:14:54  #3

Re: Gromina Ring and Cylinder adjustment?

And some good general info. given in this discussion link from the past.


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