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01-7-2022 07:06:13  #11

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

I added a splash of accent color to the ribbon cover.

I realize for many members this is not their cup-o-tea.

But for me, it is now more balanced.  There is still the two-tone grey going on.


11-7-2022 13:11:45  #12

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

And my inspiration for the 1959 Everest K2 portable.

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20-11-2022 01:43:46  #13

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Nice Royal!  After all my typing, I think the FP is the best desktop standard out there.  Perhaps a bit bland in features, but it is a true king for typing.  I strongly regret selling mine last summer, it was local to my town for all its life and now belongs to a Texas author.  I'll get another someday, holding out for yellow.  Or pink.  I love them.  Even sold my SG1, I'd rather have an FP.

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