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07-8-2022 22:52:55  #1

FSOT: 1948 Olympia 8

I'm looking to sell or trade a 1948 Olympia 8. I really don't want to ship this delicate monster, so I'm issuing an alert to all typeheads in the mid-Atlantic states (I'm in the Maryland suburbs of DC).

Pan-European keyboard. Healthy rubber feet, intact glass windows. The feed rollers feed and the platen ain't too bad for rubber from the '40s. Superior typing action--this baby ranks up there with the best machines I've ever used.

It's in great condition but has a few quirks:

1. The right spool spindle arm is broken, so the right ribbon spool will fall off if you move the machine. However, I have fashioned makeshift cap that holds the spool in place.
2. Both N and D keys appear to have been crudely welded on. Result: The lower and upper case Ns hit lower than the other letters; ditto for the uppercase D, but not the lowercase D, which strikes slightly higher (see type sample).

I'd be willing to trade this machine for a 1930s Hermes 2000 or most Erika models from the '30s to the '60s. I'd also consider offers of other high-end European mid-century portables and standards.

DM if interested.


11-8-2022 09:56:59  #2

Re: FSOT: 1948 Olympia 8

Your photo(s) do not show and the link is not "active"...


11-8-2022 19:36:21  #3

Re: FSOT: 1948 Olympia 8

Pete E. wrote:

Your photo(s) do not show and the link is not "active"...

They work fine, you just have to type it in by hand. Or use this


17-8-2022 08:51:30  #4

Re: FSOT: 1948 Olympia 8, now, below :


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