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17-9-2022 03:26:05  #21

Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

I can only impart what little I know.  The shop was certainly there in 1983, and was probably in existence a lot longer before that.  I believe that when the original proprietor died, maybe 10 years ago, the family kept the shop going by making an arrangement with another typewriter engineer (who was working from home) to come in and man the shop a couple of days a week.  This is why no-one ever answered the 'phone if you rang.  The gentleman, who was himself elderly, eventually succumbed to ill health and had to retire both from his own business and from running Everest part-time.  The shop itself was much smaller than the photos suggest.  The building was a single storey tacked onto the end of a parade of shops, and was actually triangular, tapering away from the shop front.  This was because the alley that you can see on the left of the pictures cut behind the property.


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Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your time in providing a bit of history for the shop sign & photos.  It is much appreciated.

We would like to think there is always a young apprentice working in these old shops to keep them going after the old master retires.

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Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

Do we have any Forum members from Ohio State in the USA ?

I think "Gem City Typewriter Co." most likely would have been located in Dayton, OH...aka the Gem City.

This sign was for sale on Etsy some time ago...cannot find out much about the shop and its location, etc.

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