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14-9-2022 12:28:15  #1

Hermes 10 Serving Help

I’m looking for service manuals, schematics or parts diagrams for a case-less Hermes 10 typewriter. So far my online searches have only shown the user manual that it came with. I’m hoping to get the one I have working again but without some kind of a guide to what goes where and in what order it would be like a solitaire game of ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ without even knowing if I’m in the correct room. If anyone can help I’d be much obliged. George


14-9-2022 20:55:43  #2

Re: Hermes 10 Serving Help

Hi George,

Mr. Jacques Perrier runs a Typewriter museum in Switzeland and is one of the largest suppliers of parts for Hermes (and Olympia) parts.

You might reach out to his "contact" info. on the web site and inquire if he might have a pdf or disk copy of such a Manual for sale.

I reached out to him for the missing paper roll spindle for my old Hermes adding machine and had it at my home in about a week.  He sends you a PayPal invoice and you pay for item & shipping with tracking.


14-9-2022 22:19:06  #3

Re: Hermes 10 Serving Help

Pete, thanks for the the suggestion. I just now sent an email and hope for the best.

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21-9-2022 09:05:29  #4

Re: Hermes 10 Serving Help


If that contact-info does not result in a reply, you might also try this one for Jacques Perrier :


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