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23-10-2022 04:45:05  #11

Re: Amusing Poster

Hello M. Honhe !  I am pretty sure that I can find a Corsair linespace lever for you.  If you want one, PM me !


26-10-2022 14:07:24  #12

Re: Amusing Poster

thetypewriterman wrote:

And yet - people just love the styling of these machines.  All fur coat and no knickers

That's a very funny description of the Corsair - I may have to borrow it.
 It is a sharp looking portable, and for newbie typewriter buyers who lack experience its terrible performance isn't noticed, and therefore often remains uncriticized. The Corsair certainly isn't the only desirable model for typewriter neophytes that is solely based on colour and design; typing out the odd poem is one thing, but for anyone who actually types a lot, build quality and mechanical prowess quickly become the more important considerations. 


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