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15-11-2022 17:24:56  #1

Cars & Typewriters...

This 1955-1956 Mercedes-Benz gull-wing roadster is up for auction in the news in the States.  Fully restored, Andy Warhol's auto at one one.

Thought my AMC (Alpina) typewriter from 1960 would feel right at home on the passenger seat of the car.


15-11-2022 19:04:52  #2

Re: Cars & Typewriters...

Officially the most gorgeous car ever made in the past and in the future.
I know a collector/mechanic who has an SL of every decent generation, including several variants of the W198 (300 Gullwing, 190SL.) All of them are working cars, not fully restored, so they show some of the grit of the streets of Hudson and Bergen counties. My favorites are the Paul Bracq designed W113 SLs, which are the sportscar versions of my 1972 220D. 
Phil Forrest


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