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14-9-2022 21:44:26  #1

I Am So Confused...

I am so confused.

Is a hand-set missing so you can talk on the phone, too ???

Running on Etsy this week.



15-9-2022 05:13:59  #2

Re: I Am So Confused...

When I first saw this I thought it was some kind of early fax machine where results of the calculation could be transmitted over the phone. But it appears to be a multiplying calculator. The dial evidently controls how a number is multiplied. 


15-9-2022 05:15:57  #3

Re: I Am So Confused...

Check out this video


15-9-2022 08:25:11  #4

Re: I Am So Confused...


Thanks so much for clarifying that for me...I appreciate your posted info and link.  Had no idea Everest made things other than typewriters.

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15-9-2022 19:28:05  #5

Re: I Am So Confused...

Thanks, NewOldWriter! Really cool video.

it looks like Francis Massen (the creator of the YouTube video) has all kinds of interesting machines...


16-9-2022 08:29:50  #6

Re: I Am So Confused...

Yes...and his presentation style is very calm and enjoyable to watch.

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20-11-2022 02:02:25  #7

Re: I Am So Confused...

The original Multitool?

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