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12-12-2022 12:08:26  #21

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Pete, when I was talking Matt at Ace last week about my Hermes 10 tabulator movement he mentioned a leather dampening that may be contributing to some of the slower movement. That might be a place to explore.



12-12-2022 13:38:53  #22

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Hi George,

Thanks for the tip.  I will look for something like that.

I recall there is also some sort of air-piston (in a plastic black housing with a neoprene bladder inside) that might be part of a braking system as well on the IBM.

When I clear all the Tab stops and hit the power Tab key-top, it zips all the way to the end and I think that air piston may slow it down towards the end.  But there is no mid-way resistance to the travel of the carriage when Tab'd over.

Also I can move the carriage manually with the carriage release levers and their is no binding or slow-down mid-carriage.

I think I need to get in there and clean all the pulleys on which the power-return band travels and to maybe see if the 1/4" wide woven return power-band is not frayed somewhere along the middle of its length.

But that will wait until Spring.  For now, I just moved it inside to get out of the cold of our garage with the winter.

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