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30-12-2022 23:46:48  #21

Re: Accidental typewriter desk from Ikea?

I have seen very few Olympias come up in the northern Midwest over the last couple of years, not that I was looking all the time and all the places but I do check craigslist, Farcebook and some of the area Goodwills fairly regularly.  They are not common. Of the only manuals in recent memory 3 of em were SM9's (two of which I now own), one is for sale right now but for too much and the other was an early SM with no case.  I didn't see any come up locally during my recent year in the SW.


31-12-2022 16:23:48  #22

Re: Accidental typewriter desk from Ikea?

I suppose this topic has gone on a segue, but it is an interesting one. I have a couple of photos of my mother in her office during the period being discussed. The first photo taken in 1967 shows her using an IBM Model C Executive. She later moved into a two-person bookkeeping office, which is shown in the second photo that I guess dates from the early '70s. The equipment there is more interesting; from left to right you can see an Underwood Touch-Master 5, a NCR Class 33 bookkeeping machine, and an Underwood 700. Both the manual Touch-Master and the electric 700 have ultra-wide carriages. Given the simple stand the Touch-Master is perched on, I assume it was only there for use as an emergency back-up (or to continue bookkeeping during a power failure). 

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