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16-1-2023 09:52:18  #1

Wag typewriter ribbon

I bought a really unusual WAG typewriter at auction. Can anyone advise me where I could buy a ribbon for it please?


16-1-2023 10:00:45  #2

Re: Wag typewriter ribbon

Can you post a picture of the machine, particularly of the ribbon mechanism ?  We might be able to identify what you need.


16-1-2023 10:57:30  #3

Re: Wag typewriter ribbon

Can someone advise me how to attach photos please

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16-1-2023 11:56:24  #4

Re: Wag typewriter ribbon

If your typewriter has its metal spool and they are 2" in diameter and old ribbon is 1/2" can just buy any ribbon on plastic universal spools and unwind the new ribbon to your old metal spools.  And throw the plastic spools into the waste bin.


16-1-2023 12:51:36  #5

Re: Wag typewriter ribbon

Does it look similar to this?  If so, you can use the common universal ribbons.


17-1-2023 00:29:21  #6

Re: Wag typewriter ribbon

Pammar wrote:

Can someone advise me how to attach photos please

The image must be on the web somewhere. If it isn't, you can upload it to a free image hosting service. Copy the link to the image, then click on the little picture icon on the reply window here, and paste the link


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