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05-2-2023 19:11:38  #11

Re: Durometer

Hi Joe

This is all interesting information. I was talking with another Type-Pal member on a zoom meeting Saturday evening. This member had visited the J.J. Short production facility while on a trip out to Macedon New York. Both Peter and John Short were saying that although they know rubber, they are still learning about the needs of typewriter collectors and users. They also said that any useful information and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated in order to help them better serve the typosphere.

Only a very few such as Tom "The Typewriter Man" have original knowledge carried over from when the typewriter was the mainstay of the office world. The rest of us are still learning and should be willing to forgive the occasional mistake from ourselves and others. All the best,


We humans go through many computers in our lives, but in their lives, typewriters go through many of us.
In that way, they’re like violins, like ancestral swords. So I use mine with honor and treat them with respect.
I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
Frederic S. Durbin. (Typewriter mania and the modern writer)

11-2-2023 14:18:44  #12

Re: Durometer

My tale is a tale of caution from experience.  No drama, no incrimination, just a buyer beware.  I've stated having a business pony up to typewriter needs when former firms closed their doors is amazing.  One thing today's typewriter world does well is carry forward knowledge, literature, and shared skill learned from current and retired professionals.


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