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14-2-2023 13:12:08  #1

Adler 21 - What Say You

Hello Folks,
Two Adler electrics have surfaced recently. What can you tell me about these models the 21 and the 21 d?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


14-2-2023 15:41:34  #2

Re: Adler 21 - What Say You

Not sure what to say. It's big. It's heavy. And it's nice to type with. If you like standards, or electric standards in particular, it's worth (figuratively) picking one up. The big bonus? The 21d has a paper injector.

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14-2-2023 19:45:50  #3

Re: Adler 21 - What Say You

Thanks for responding, Uwe. I do like standards, and much prefer them over my portables. I have a Selectric and two Smith Corona Electras, but I have never typed on a big type bar electric standard, and I wanted to hear from those with experience on them.

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