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10-2-2023 18:14:34  #1

What parts do you save when you “Part Out” a typewriter?

What parts do you strip from or remove from a typewriter before disposing or donating it?



14-2-2023 14:30:02  #2

Re: What parts do you save when you “Part Out” a typewriter?

Hi Kalani,

It is always a sad day when I decide to part-out a machine.  I am sort of bummed for many days afterwards.

If I have a 2nd. parts machine for a primary machine in my collection and that parts-machine is terminal, I will take as many parts as I can, stow them in a shoe box and label it accordingly.  Carcass of the machine goes to the metal recycler, locally.

I had to pick up a broken Olympia SGE-35 to fix my cursive SGE-35 that was spitting out metal-bits from its carriage and power return mechanism.  And I have many spare-parts for my SGE-35 for future needs.

And I had two (2) Underwood Olivetti 21 machines that both needed a couple of parts to get back to 100%.  I found a 3nd. DOA machine (main spring and escapement was removed in its past) but it had the parts I needed to get the other 2 machines back to 100%.  I harvested many parts from that 3rd. machine and shoe-boxed them.  I kept one 21 and gifted away the 2nd. 21.  And I ended up with a very nice 3rd. case which now houses my Torpedo 18s which came to me w/out a case.

I also have found 2-3 junked, made-in-Japan machines (both manual and portable) at local garage sales...they were all DOA and I just took every spring, screw, nut, washer and operations levers off of those and into my parts bins.  I think I spent $ 5 for each of those machines...but now have a nice small-parts horde that I got to over and over again.


22-2-2023 12:01:50  #3

Re: What parts do you save when you “Part Out” a typewriter?

I was gifted a Smith-Corona Vantage electric that was non functional and I could not find ribbon cassettes.I have had three machines of various makers that needed springs. That SCM had a pint jar of springs of all sizes. I respectfully dismantled the SCM and kept every spring, a ton of circlips. Some rods, two draw strings, a sheet of flat spring fingers, and the bell. I sent a message to my cousin and let her know that her mom's machine had donated some organs so that others could live.


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