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22-2-2023 15:39:41  #1

Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.

This is a Smith Corona Coronet Electric.
The "period" and "apostrophe" and "quotation" letters do not work in either regular or shift/cap position. They actuate and draw up to the platen, but do not or barely strike the paper.
I have cleaned and air blasted and cleaned over and over again, with alcohol and with lacquer thinner, all the moving parts in these areas, all the pivot points all the everything. Yet, the issue persists.
At this point, I'm stumped.
Suggestions from typewriter droid wizards needed, please.


22-2-2023 18:17:22  #2

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.


1.  I looked for any Phoenix Typewriter YouTube videos for possible remedies  But did not find any.

2.  Does this problem get any better/worse if you adjust the "Copy Control" knob on the keyboard or the "Touch Control" dial underneath the front edge of the bottom panel ?  Maybe adjustment of each of both might get your there.

I think these 3 key-tops/type slugs linkages are designed to not hit the platen as hard as the other as not to punch holes in the typing paper.

Some of the Olympic electrics have a row of very small adjustment screws for each type-lever, but I do not see such a feature on my Electra 120.

Sorry I cannot come up with anything else at this point.


22-2-2023 18:27:20  #3

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.

p.s.  Ted Munk has a Repair Bible for the Series 6 Electrics.  I do not own it so cannot tell you if if would be helpful with your problem or not.  Also has one for the Series 5 machines (both manual and electric.


22-2-2023 19:16:51  #4

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.

Huge thanks, Pete.
I have the Ted Munk service manuals printed out for the SCM Series 5 and 6 electrics and also the SCM 220/250, etc.
Checked the troubleshooting guides on them.

This Coronet was found on SCW (shop goodwill) for a few dollars and is in mint condition and a great typer. The period was very light striking but got worse. Then it's the added 2 key slugs now. I've taken apart and done a good chemical wash and air flush many times, also while plugged in and actuating the problematic slugs.
One of the linkages was not in alignment so I straightened that out. One of the basket attachment screws was loose so took care of that. But, otherwise, can't seem to find out the issue on why just these.
I checked the actuator tabs that engage the spinning power bar and they are all the same length as others and engage fine.
The "copy pressure" adjustment doesn't seem to change anything. I might try just putting in one of the better condition OEM V belts and see but I doubt that will change a thing.
At this point, it's clean and flush again in case there's fine grit or metalic or other particles in the lower basket hinge slots or elsewhere.

Huge thanks again.

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22-2-2023 20:21:18  #5

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.

Last summer I bought an S-C Coronet Electric 12 from a shop in another state and had it shipped to me. When it first arrived everything seemed to work as expected. I wrote a few letters and noticed that sometimes the period was a bit faint then set it aside. A month or so later I was getting it out for a granddaughter and observed the period had become so bad that it was nearly invisible on the left half of the page but got somewhat better on the right side. I contacted the shop and after trying a few suggestions the seller had me return it. Once they got it I was told that they had to re-form the typebar. The photo they sent of a typed page showed it once again working as expected. I was offered a refund or have it returned. In this case I chose the refund in case the re-forming didn't stay and had to be shipped again. One thing I discovered when looking for a possible solution was a reference that the period and comma were dampened just a bit so it didn't make holes in the paper. In one of my servicing books there was a mention and photo of a specific tool for re-forming the typebars. If I recall the area to re-form was near the slug and no other place. - George


23-2-2023 10:25:59  #6

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.

Fixed. . so far. . for now. . .
The "Tab Clear" button linkage is a sloppy setup that makes it easy for a twisted link below to contact the "Period" type slug linkage.  While the typewriter might work great out of the body and with the keyboard trim plate removed, it might not when the keyboard trim plate is installed and twists the "Tab Clear" button to a straight position, but with a bent or twisted link below.

Per the Service Manual, I also ground down the type slug arm lug stop at its base just a tad.  This also helped to make a better strike, a little, not in a big way.

These end linkages have to be tested slowly at thier full range of motion.  And, bent this way or that as needed so they each clear each other and don't have any resistance that might result in a light strike or no strike.  These end linkages effect the "apostrophe", "comma", etc.  Once everything is lined up and cleared along the full length of travel, things got a lot better. But, it was not just "one thing" per se. It's a multiple misallignment issue.

fixed. .  .for now. . I hope it stays fixed. . . 
Thanks everyone for your kind help.

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23-2-2023 13:05:31  #7

Re: Smith Corona Coronet Electric. Certain type slugs do not contact.


On my 120 and the 220 I gifted away, the Tab set & clear key-tops were both a bit crooked and sat too some gentle re-forming sorted that out.

Thanks for posting up your repair-steps.  Very helpful.


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