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02-2-2023 22:37:21  #961

Re: New Member Thread

Hi all,

My name is John and I recently joined this forum. I watched the documentary movie, California Typewriter, late last year and expressed my interest to my wife in maybe getting one like Tom Hanks said would be the one if he could only have one. My wife then bought me  my first typewriter for Christmas last year which is a 1954 Smith-Corona Silent Super in Sapphire Gray with green keys/stripes/trim and elite font type. She bought it off Etsy for $100 plus shipping. The machine and it’s Holiday Case were in amazing condition and only required a little cleaning. I added a fresh ribbon in blue and green ink to go with the green trim.

Very recently, I purchased my 2nd typewriter, a 1960 Smith-Corona 5TE Portable Electric in Desert Sand with   ivory/tan keys, spacebar and trim. This one was purchased for $50 off Facebook Marketplace and picked up locally. This one works perfectly but has some minor blemishes mostly on the front section below the spacebar and also is missing the metal pull pin cap/nut or whatever it’s called on the left platen roller knob that releases the variable line spacer. Trying to figure out where to source one without buying another typewriter for parts.

 I’m really enjoying learning all about these, working on them and sending correspondences to people who haven’t received anything typewritten in many years. It’s fun and satisfying. 

I’m thinking I may be satisfied with just these two, but if I were to expand, I would be looking into a Hermes 3000 from the ‘50’s to early ‘60’s and/or an Olympia SM3, but I also just enjoy reading about and seeing all the beautiful machines I’ve been seeing on this forum.


02-2-2023 23:15:15  #962

Re: New Member Thread

ESC4P3 wrote:

I’m thinking I may be satisfied with just these two, but if I were to expand [...]

Welcome, John!

One turns into two.  Two turns into six.  Six turns into fifty.  And then you start thinking about getting serious...


22-2-2023 17:02:11  #963

Re: New Member Thread

Hello from Germany.

I just bought my first typewriter. I read a lot of topics in the last few days while I was cleaning and inspecting my Olympia sm2. 
Congrats to this great forum. Seems to be a great combination of nice people and lots of information. 



23-2-2023 09:09:25  #964

Re: New Member Thread


You might try giving Duane Jensen a call at Phoenix Typewriters about the left platen knob for your 5TE.


23-2-2023 11:47:53  #965

Re: New Member Thread

TheLetter wrote:

Hello from Germany. 

Hello from Kanada. Welcome to the forum!

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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23-2-2023 22:10:32  #966

Re: New Member Thread

Pete E. wrote:


You might try giving Duane Jensen a call at Phoenix Typewriters about the left platen knob for your 5TE.

That’s a good suggestion. Thanks.
 I bought a specialized nut from Ace Hardware that gets the job done and actually looks pretty good. People that aren’t familiar with these typewriters might think it is the original piece. I was thinking i would eventually check out a couple of the greater area repair shops, but you might have the better idea.

I’ve also been concentrating on another typewriter my wife bought recently for $12.50 from a local Goodwill. It’s a Smith Corona Coronet Cartridge 12 with a manual return. I haven’t been able to figure out the year yet as the database doesn’t have any info on them. My guess is very late ‘60s to early ‘70s. The carriage was malfunctioning, but I got it fixed and cleaned up. It’s in really good shape. My wife wants to give it to a friend of hers who liked the idea of my other typewriters when we showed them to her.


15-3-2023 10:36:13  #967

Re: New Member Thread

Hello from Europe!

I live in Germany as well, and I recently acquired my first typewriter.
It's nothing special (an Underwood 5 from 1911), but I like it very much.

More typewriters to come, so I get the feeling I will have to ask some questions from time to time. ;)


15-5-2023 23:18:13  #968

Re: New Member Thread

Hello my name is Dana. I am in Ohio, USA. I like to write short stories as a hobby. But other than that I work as an account manager. 
I had always expressed interest and was fascinated by typewriters. But never bought one up until recently. I was at a town yard sale and saw 3 type writers. out of the three only one had stood out to me. The Royal Quiet De luxe. It is green and in extremely good condition. I got it for $20 did my research and got some ribbon. It works great! I am so excited to be part of this typewriter world! I look forward to learning more about typewriter and hopefully getting another one! 


16-5-2023 06:56:38  #969

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Dana. We're glad to have you here and it's so great to see your high level of fresh enthusiasm!

But ... but ... oh, Dana---don't leave us hanging like that!  We're dying to know what were the two typewriters that you left behind???    Congrats on getting a Quiet De Luxe, though; you're off to a great start. It's great to know they are being used. Welcome.


24-5-2023 14:25:48  #970

Re: New Member Thread

Hello all, I'm happy to have found this place, though I may not be as active as some.

My name is Rich.  I'm a librarian and writer (mostly poetry), and in the past did a little songwriting and classical composition, though none of my music has been published or performed, with one possible exception.

I'm old enough (72 at this writing) to have used typewriters as a daily tool, including Russian, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew-alphabet manual machines before the Selectric and word processors (for most of my career I've been, inter alia, a foreign-language cataloger).  My first real typewriter was an Olivetti Lettera-22, a gift from my parents, which I used through high school and college and well into grad school.  Currently I have two Royals, a KHM and an HH, which formerly got regular use but now need a cleanup and some reconditioning, especially the KHM.  In addition there are three portables tucked away in a closet, which my wife variously brought from her parents' house or found at thrift stores: a Smith-Corona electric, an SC Super-Silent (I think), and a delectable little Royal Quiet DeLuxe, in excellent condition for its age, which at some point I plan to beg for.

I'm not an active collector and at this point in my life am not likely to go deeply into maintenance and repair; my main pleasure has always been to appreciate and type with these marvelous machines, and that is what I hope in time to get back to with the typewriters I have.


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