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23-2-2023 21:21:31  #1

S-C Secretarial 215 - Did Not Know...

Just found out that there was a Secretarial 215 model for some time.

It still retained the manual CR lever that I love on electrics.

But with the "upgrades" similar to the Secretarial 250.  That is, taller and longer rubber feet, over-sized rollers on the paper bail (and 3 of them), and more heavy duty metal body panels.

Guess I need to keep an eye out for one.

These are photos from eBay when one sold for $ 29 and shipping back in 12-2022.


26-2-2023 18:57:33  #2

Re: S-C Secretarial 215 - Did Not Know...

Thanks Pete.
I didn't know that.
I've been on a Smith Corona Electric binge for awhile, 60's-70's etc, and have a number of models through the evolution of the species to greater refinement, etc.
Will keep my eye out for this one.


27-2-2023 07:54:59  #3

Re: S-C Secretarial 215 - Did Not Know...


There is one on eBay at the moment.  But it looks like a really wide carriage...with over 160 characters wide.

I will look out for one with a 12" wide carriage.  Not a fan of those jumbo-jet ones.

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