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04-3-2023 16:58:07  #1

1939 Royal Aristocrat B prefix?

Got this beauty today for $20. Looks identical to Hemingway's in the Key West house, but "Aristocrat" instead of QDL (which TWDB seems to say was a mid-year model name change). Really excited about it; all this paint etc looks to be original, and is only worn where your hand has to touch the ribbon cover on carriage returen because of how small it is, which is really moving to me, connection to the past etc.The serial # has a "B" prefix, which TWDB confirms was a thing in these years; does it designate the tiny typeface? Sorry for faint ribbon, but you see--so tiny. Aristocratic?



04-3-2023 19:48:05  #2

Re: 1939 Royal Aristocrat B prefix?

never mind--I see that all sizes of typeface had the B prefix too.
still pretty cool though!

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04-3-2023 22:03:58  #3

Re: 1939 Royal Aristocrat B prefix?

Also I see now that "Aristocrat" was the mid-price model, between "Arrow" and "QDL." I should read more before I post stuff.

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