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06-3-2023 13:00:49  #11

Re: Olympia Product Catalogue - 1957

Jim...perfect ! Thanks.


06-3-2023 13:08:05  #12

Re: Olympia Product Catalogue - 1957

Ahh..the light dawns...  The "Robust" model seems to be just a standard SM with all the chrome bits changed to non-reflective black.  Sort of a military camo look.  Is that correct?


06-3-2023 13:30:01  #13

Re: Olympia Product Catalogue - 1957

The military Robust dates back to the pre-SM models, but it's essentially just a field typewriter. The earlier model had an enclosed ribbon cover, which was sensible as it helped to keep things out of the type basket. And the later SM variant was apparently more resistant to corrosion when exposed to the elements. The hard use travel case was its most notable feature. The early wood crate version is what you'd expect to see when loading equipment in a mobile radio shack. There were various iterations of SM-era travel cases. 

Although I'm sure it was meant to satisfy a military requirement, I would argue the importance of having non-reflective surfaces on something like a field typewriter. 


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