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17-3-2023 23:55:25  #1

Philly Type-In on 3/18

There is a Type-In here in Philadelphia at Philly Typewriter down on East Passyunk Ave. (pronounced: pa shunk, like pass skunk). They advertised on the local NPR station and all the regional affiliates, so who knows how much of a big deal this will be. Starts at 10:00am and goes until I'm not sure when. I'm hoping to make it and will be bringing the Facit TP1, possibly the Remington-Rand Model 7, oooh, there's also the restored Corona Four to show off...
I'll definitely have to take the car, not the bike, if I'm bringing more than one typewriter.


18-3-2023 12:59:04  #2

Re: Philly Type-In on 3/18

Sounds like fun. Take pictures - and post them here!


21-3-2023 12:37:03  #3

Re: Philly Type-In on 3/18


There is a listing of typewriter "talks" for 2022 and well into 2023 in Philly.


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