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29-3-2023 15:51:05  #1

Torpedo 6 Manual/Tips on Disassembly

I'm searching for a service/repair manual (in English, preferably, or German) for my 1939 Torpedo 6 standard typewriter.  He needs a minor repair & serious internal cleaning, so any resources for helping me remove cover plates & other helpful tips would be much appreciated.  Phlipzky


01-4-2023 17:04:17  #2

Re: Torpedo 6 Manual/Tips on Disassembly

Torpedo 6 standard typewriter:  In addition to, or in lieu of, the need for helpful info/service-repair manual in previous post, any info on removing  carriage & platen would be great.  I've heard this model's carriage is relatively easy to remove, but I'm not sure this is accurate, and don't want to screw things up.  We  don't have any technicians or bona fide repair people in our region of Eastern Washington & I don't want to lug this machine to Seattle or Portland.  Thanks.  P

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