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01-4-2023 19:37:00  #1

Felt sources

I've been trying to use the adhesive-backed wool felt from McMaster-Carr. I'd been recommended it by a friend who used to line music instrument cases with it and said it was high quality. I also thought the densities looked good for accoustic dampening.

But I'm not happy with it: The adhesive backing is nearly impossible to remove, and while trying to, it sheds all over the place. I've not yet tried their synthetic yet. 

Where do you all source your felt from? Synthetic or Wool? 


05-4-2023 12:51:17  #2

Re: Felt sources

I like these peel & stick sheets I get off of eBay.  When you rub your finger across the felt, it does not shed off.

They are about 3/16" thick and the adhesive backing sheet is very easy to peel off.

I have placed them on all of my ultra-portables where there is not a lot of space/clearance for thicker pads.  Changes the metallic clanging sound to what sounds like a stick hitting a hollow log.

On larger machines, I will stick 2 sheets together and then cut out the pieces from construction-paper templates that I make, first.


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