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13-11-2021 21:49:02  #1

SC Pacemaker

Another standard I don't want or need came up locally.  Not much out there on this beast, based on the database it seems to have only been made a couple years in the late late 50s. I was suprised, nay, shocked, when I searched here and found no mention of it either.

Well consider it mentioned.


14-11-2021 14:10:44  #2

Re: SC Pacemaker

overwood wrote:

I was suprised, nay, shocked, when I searched here and found no mention of it either.

There are likely a couple of thousand typewriter models that have never been mentioned here before. It seems that most buyers focus on portables rather than standards, and also tend to discuss the more readily found models. This trend is also reflected in the Database. 

The Pacemaker was probably manufactured longer than a couple of years given it was a 6-series model variant. It might be not be as well represented on the Database because it was a more basic standard than the Sixty-Two Secretarial. I have seen them around (I might even own one), but it's definitely more common to come across the Secretarial.

I find them all interesting, but how many - even here - would be interested in discussing these models:


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14-11-2021 20:25:06  #3

Re: SC Pacemaker

Well I'd at least consider the Pacemaker but I'd need to build an addition for the Secretarial you posted above. That's kind of gross actually

The Pacemaker has a pretty cool and simple, understated look about it.

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27-4-2023 20:26:25  #4

Re: SC Pacemaker

I will get to dig into this Pacemaker in a week or so.

Curious to see it side-by-side with my Royal FP in terms of performance and typing experience.


28-4-2023 04:30:27  #5

Re: SC Pacemaker

Smith-Coronas standards were always pretty rare over here in the UK.  I've only worked on a couple of them and that was back in the late 1970's.  I seem to remember that they were not bad machines at all, although obviously not up to the Olympia level of quality 


28-4-2023 11:53:29  #6

Re: SC Pacemaker

That would be an interesting comparison. I'm looking forward to the results.

I love the big tab set/clear lever.


30-4-2023 18:20:35  #7

Re: SC Pacemaker

Too much grey-on-grey happening on this Pacemaker...Hum.....


30-4-2023 19:50:42  #8

Re: SC Pacemaker

Yes, it's a grey flannel suit for grey flannel suits...

What would the Pete Custom Paint job be for this one?


01-5-2023 07:28:40  #9

Re: SC Pacemaker

No inspiration, yet.  Usually happens when I have a machine in my hands for a bit

With its painted or stenciled name-tags on 3 places, I think some of the grey will remain. 

Might go with some seafoam green (like on my 2 Series 5 machines) and another complimentary colour that will go with both the green and the existing grey.


06-5-2023 11:19:30  #10

Re: SC Pacemaker

The S-C Pacemaker came last evening.  SGW did an excellent packing job with no shipping damage.

This Pacemaker (although looking a very flannel grey in the SGW photos in their studio lighting) actually turns out to be a nice " sage green" colour.  Not as deep a green as their "seafoam green" from the portables...but a nice sage colour that opens up a wider pallet of accent colours to consider.

Based on the serial number, it was made in 1961.

It has a very sweet bell-ring at the end of the line with lots of sustain.  Nothing like that on my S-C Silent Super which varies between "plunk" or "plink".

Needs a cleaning and service.  Some sticky keys, space-bar return is gummed up, and the ribbon movement mechanisms needs a cleaning.  Otherwise, very functional with only a few minor chips in the paint which I will address with some custom-mixed touch-up paint.

Might be a week or so before I get onto the Pacemaker.  My Spring garden clean-ups are almost done but my hands need a bit of a break to recover.

As-delivered photos, for now....


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