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14-5-2023 19:41:49  #11

Re: Royal De Luxe

Here is my Royal Quiet Deluxe from 1957.

I added some colour accents to make it a bit more interesting...


15-5-2023 08:53:37  #12

Re: Royal De Luxe

Photo (from the TWDB) of the little speed-control knob on the RA-prefix Royal QDL's...


15-5-2023 11:51:37  #13

Re: Royal De Luxe

Intriguing. It looks like Wheat State Vintage (Vintage Typewriter Manuals — Wheat State Vintage) has a 1953 QDL manual (Your New Royal Portable ( Page 7 shows:

Which makes me wonder what it really does... Does it adjust dog spring tension in the escapement? Does it move the trip point? Does it let you fine tune the main spring tension? Is it a placebo and does nothing really?

Now I want one so I can take it apart and see...


15-5-2023 12:01:36  #14

Re: Royal De Luxe

Hi Dana,

Any chance you might snap a photo or two from under the machine to possibly let us see this speed-control mechanism ?

Hi Rob,

I think this came from an earlier Royal standard machine...their Model HH in case you get one of those in hand...


15-5-2023 12:12:58  #15

Re: Royal De Luxe


Here is how Royal described the feauture on their Model HH standard machine.  In the user-manual, Royal calls it the "carriage control" adjuster and there is a numerical dial-indicator under the left side of the carriage plate.

Not sure how much of the mechanism is the same with the dial on the Royal QDL.


15-5-2023 13:02:28  #16

Re: Royal De Luxe

Thanks, Pete!

I don't have an HH yet; that's on the list for after I thin the collection down a bit.

Interesting. So, it is a main spring tension adjustment. That makes sense. It seems like it was short lived on the Royal line. I wonder why. Lack of demand? It looks like SC, Underwood, and Remington contemporary standards didn't have this feature.


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