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10-10-2015 01:01:20  #21

Re: Dealer Stickers

texbodemer wrote:

I have a 1938 Remington with this delightfully gaudy sticker--it's as big as my thumb 

That's actually a really cool looking dealer's sticker. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

I personally leave the dealer/service stickers in place. I actually think they are cool.

When you aren't looking for it... you ALWAYS find it!!!

25-6-2023 14:50:58  #22

Re: Dealer Stickers

An evergreen topic maybe: I had 3/4 of a sticker removed by a previous owner on the front center of a Royal HH a couple of weeks ago, and went at it with some Goo Gone. Got it off, but found that it wore down the crinkle paint as well. I think the fault was probably mine; I went at the Goo Gone with some kitchen paper towel and that was probably way too abrasive. I am disappointed in myself. This "get it clean!" thing kicks in and before I know it I have scrubbed too hard! I had excellent Goo Gone success with tape residue on one of my first machine, a 56 SkyRiter--I thought maybe because it was plastic it worked better?

To the point: this gorgeous 1959 SM2 is now mine for $50 and a drive, and it types like a dream. A real rival to my '65 SM9. I don't even miss the tabulator.

But wondering if I should try Goo Gone on this weird adhesive spot. The position and the state of the machine when I got it makes me think the original owner taped a pad here or something to protect against a scraping return lever (it had dropped, needed the "SM washer replacement," which I managed). Everything about it is in excellent shape and trying to figure if Goo Gone will make the stain worse.

For me it is always about trying to know when to leave well enough alone!



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