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18-8-2023 16:30:36  #1

Mystery standard on SGW

Saw an oddball on SGW that I don't recognize: a 3 bank standard with only a left shift/figure keys. The $ tells me it's a US company. 

Any ideas?

Link: Vintage Ink Typewriter |


18-8-2023 16:31:24  #2

Re: Mystery standard on SGW

Looks like it's missing bits, too - the tower in the back that goes nowhere and has a couple screw holes in the front.

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19-8-2023 00:15:24  #3

Re: Mystery standard on SGW

That is a Remington Junior.


19-8-2023 08:04:37  #4

Re: Mystery standard on SGW

Photos of another in the TWDB galleries...


19-8-2023 12:19:39  #5

Re: Mystery standard on SGW

Ah! That's it. Thanks!

I had thought a Junior was a portable, and it looks like it was from the 30s on. 

This reminds me of the one missing feature I'd really like to see on the TWDB: click on a manufacturer, and get a sampling of each model, thus giving you an overview or quick visual reference of all the models.

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