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06-8-2023 23:43:59  #1

Hermes 3000 tab / backspace swap

On YouTube, Typewriter Justice described his personal Hermes 3000 and all the modifications he'd done to it (Customized Hermes 3000 typewriter SOLD!! - YouTube). One of those modifications was to swap the tab and backspace keys.

Ted Munk described that US market machines had the tab on the left (as mine does), and European machines had it on the right. The Mystery of the Hermes 3000 Reversed Backspace and Tab keys and New Stuff To Read! – To Type, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth… (

Typewriter Justice seems to describe, though, that he actually modified his, not that it was a European machine.

Anyone know how this is done (short of sourcing parts off a European donor machine)? Looking in mind, it seems like moving the tab might be fairly straightforward, but moving the backspace would require replacing the front backspace shaft with a properly shaped linkage.


27-8-2023 07:25:55  #2

Re: Hermes 3000 tab / backspace swap

Hi Rob,

I have european Hermes 3000 and recently restored it. In case you need details I probably might help you.

Happy typing


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