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16-8-2023 10:23:14  #1

Olympia Splendid margin release

I have an Olympia Splendid 99 with a non-functioning margin release mechanism. It used to work fine, but then, suddenly not. I suspect it has something to do with a tiny O-ring of metal that I found in the typewriter's case the same day as the mechanism stopped working. However, I cannot figure out where the link between the button and the internal mechanism is, and where the ring goes. I would be grateful if someone could post a picture of the mechanism, or, better still, guide me as to where I might find a drawing of it.


17-8-2023 11:19:01  #2

Re: Olympia Splendid margin release

Have you taken off the bottom panel to your machine ?  Lots more of the mechanism will be visible and accessible.


20-8-2023 04:09:11  #3

Re: Olympia Splendid margin release

Yes, I have removed the bottom panel. Unfortunately, the margin release mechanism is partly incapsulated by the long bar through which all the springs between the keys and typebars go. Inside here, there is a part that moves horisontally when the long rod connecting it with the margin setter is moved back and forwards. However, it does not move when the margin release key is depressed. The link between the key and the horisontally moving part must be broken somewhere, but it is hard to figure out where exactly.

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20-8-2023 09:41:56  #4

Re: Olympia Splendid margin release

My next step would be to remove the body cowling so the left side of the machine would be more accessible.

I do not have a Splendid 99...but a SF model...which is pretty close.


28-8-2023 00:50:10  #5

Re: Olympia Splendid margin release

I have machines similar to yours and can help you in case you provide detailed pictures. The best would be if you try to capture the whole process of keypress and the mechanical parts involved in it. Make a picture of the loose ring as well.
Usually you can also work from two sides - keypress and move the controlled part by yourself to see where something is not moving as expected.
The Princess 300 uses plastic washers for the key fitting.


29-9-2023 09:38:46  #6

Re: Olympia Splendid margin release

Hi, Thank you for your kind offer! I will try to figure out how to post pictures on the forum.

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