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30-8-2023 14:34:57  #1

Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

Anyone else having photos appear in old posts (and new posts) that appear to have been blown up in size that only 1/4 width of a photo shows up... ?

Think this happened over the last day or so. were not even showing up in the old Posts...just the link to 3rd. party hosting sites.


30-8-2023 16:25:11  #2

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

I'm seeing this too (e.g. your Stapler's post). I wonder if it is a change in the hosting sites - e.g. has a syntax for changing the size of an image by adding an l for large or h for huge, and perhaps they did away with this (or it broke). If that were the case, then only imgur images that made use of this syntax (and were very large images to begin with) would be showing up really big.

So far, the very large images I'm seeing are all from imgur. That said, the images on one of my posts that are hosted on imgur and use the sizing syntax don't seem to be affected: Typewriter Talk » Olympia SG-1 shop time (

So, maybe it's something else???


02-9-2023 14:34:37  #3

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

This Imgur link seems to be okay, but then again I only upload images to Imgur that are a forum-friendly size. I checked the stapler thread and those images are über-mega-size; maybe Imgur did change something as was suggested and the link only shows the native size?


02-9-2023 18:46:28  #4

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

Hi Uwe and Rob,

Thanks for your inputs.

I checked my user defaults on Imur and any photos I file there are to automatically "re-scale".

This is my re-sizing default on Imgur :      3,459px × 1,654px (scaled to 636px × 304px)

Imgur was down for a day or so and when it came back, the super-sized photos are posting, here, without any re-sizing.

I have sent Imgur a note and will wait to hear back from them (if I do)...I am not a premium member there.

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04-9-2023 07:31:28  #5

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

Going back to Post # 1 in the "stapler" discussion; the photo that appeared to fit the forum screen shots in the past now is blown-up as well.

I looked at the "view image info" for that photo and it is not posted up on Imgur...but rather another image hosting site.

So it seems like the problem might be outside of Imgur...maybe something here on the forum...???

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07-9-2023 10:44:06  #6

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

The forum uses hotlinking to post images, so whatever the link contains is what's shown here. To my knowledge it doesn't convert/process the link/image, and it wouldn't make sense to replace downsized images with full scale ones given the additional resources those photos gobble up. 

It's not an ideal situation to use hotlinking, but it is free. If the host of the image changes or moves the file, it will cause the image to either disappear or not appear as intended. 

All I can suggest is to downsize images first (or just adjust your camera/phone setting) before uploading them to Imgur, etc.  


08-9-2023 15:18:16  #7

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

FWIW...since I joined the Forum in June 2020, I have used the same small digital camera with the same default jpeg setting.  I have used Imgur since then and have made no changes to my profile or defaults there.

My initial photos back from 2020 and up to the present are all blowing up...where in the past they fit the visible screen.

I have noticed this with other members who use other hosting sites, and their photos are exploding off the screen, as well.

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11-9-2023 20:47:03  #8

Re: Photos Blowing Up In Szie ?

Not sure what fixed it...but today all of my photo-posting since back in 2020 to the present now display and fit the screen.

I did nothing on my or on Imgur.

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