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03-10-2023 12:03:18  #51

Re: Stapler

Yes, I bought one minty green and another where the photos and description say green/gray which I’m hoping will be similar to the body color of the Hermes. Will see when they arrive.


07-10-2023 08:42:39  #52

Re: Stapler

Pairings of an Aceliner with a Cadet...

1.  Avocado Green

2.  Mint Green

3.  Light Brown swirl

4.  Dark Brown swirl


07-10-2023 10:27:51  #53

Re: Stapler



12-10-2023 16:57:58  #54

Re: Stapler

The true red coloured ones are a bit harder to find and at a decent price.

Sometimes a seller's lighting can make brownish ones look red.

But these two are definitely red.


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