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28-10-2023 10:39:36  #1

Survivor Car...

This true "survivor" 1980 AMC Pacer station wagon was for sale in Boise ID on FB Marketplace.

It had 29,000 original miles and just had a complete service and tune-up and new tires, etc.  Car was just driven to Idaho from Texas.

The original radio even had a built-in 8-track tape player.  These had the AMC in-line six enginer that got about 110 hp and was very economical to run.  0-to-60 in about..." Yes, it would get their eventually ".

I was busying going to the bank to get cash and kept leaving the seller messages on FB.

When they finally replied, it was to tell me that 2 hours before in the morning, the new owner had come with cash and the sale was completed.  Their ad was up for less than 1 day on F-B Marketplace.

My wife and I had one in the early 1980's for our college-car.  It was a tank and reliable and no one wanted to steal it.  Great for camping trips on a budget for students.

Thought it would be a fun run-around wagon for running local chores.  Or heading out to the gold course with our club-bags.


28-10-2023 11:02:35  #2

Re: Survivor Car...

It's so beyond hideous that it's beautiful. I loved AMC models (my dad had an Ambassador), and would love to own a Gremlin or an AMX (wasn't that the Golden Gun's car?).


31-10-2023 12:38:56  #3

Re: Survivor Car...

When we drove ours during college, you got the feeling you were in a big gold-fish bowl.

Lots of visibility all around for the driver.

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31-10-2023 15:43:56  #4

Re: Survivor Car...

We had one once as a loaner when the Ambassador was being worked on. It was the weirdest thing on our street for two days. And let's not forget what is arguably the most famous Pacer of them all:


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