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14-10-2014 19:41:58  #1

An odd Smith Premier

I just recently saw this ad for a "Smith Premier" typewriter on ebay:

After a few minutes of carefully looking over the pictures, I have reached a conclusion. But first, the facts:

*This was not sold in an english speaking country, look at the shift keys
*This was made by Remington or a company Remington owned. Smith-Premier was no longer anything but a label Remington would slap on its machines for name recognition, in europe mainly
*The patent label on the back reads "UNDER NOISELESS PATENT", yet it looks nothing like regular Remington Noiselesses, or even the original Noiseless built by the Noiseless Typewriter Company
*A very low serial number
*Smith Premier Noiseless is listed in the database as "same a Remington Noiseless 6"
*Crinkle paint opposed to the gloss paint of the Noiseless 6, and a completely different shape
*Metal ringed keytops opposed to the Noiseless 10's plastic

What I think we have here is a low-production machine that was either intended to replace the Noiseless model 10 (or 6?) and was sold in a Spanish speaking country, presumably Spain because Smith-Premier Remingtons were usually sold in Europe. Of course, this is mostly guesswork. Anyone else have ideas, and has anyone from Europe seen something similar to this before?


14-10-2014 20:50:27  #2

Re: An odd Smith Premier

Just found what seems to be a similar version of this on The Classic Typewriter Page:

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15-10-2014 11:17:13  #3

Re: An odd Smith Premier

I have a Noiseless 6 and it's nothing like it. Then again, this machine is not a Remington design. It would originally have been a Monarch machine, but since Monarch was a company being run by Union Typewriter, which also operated Smith Premier and Remington, it is easy to understand how that design would have been shared by the other brands - or built by them. In this case it's a Smith that was built by Remington. There are many examples of this crossover branding and manufacturing from the era, and although a nice design, I wouldn't consider this typewriter to be some exotic rare animal. I would however buy it if it remained at that price and the shipping cost was reasonable.

15-10-2014 18:52:37  #4

Re: An odd Smith Premier

I'd be surprised if some other collectors haven't seen it, but if nobody else bids you can be certain that I will 

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