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22-12-2022 10:05:53  #31

Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

robmck wrote:

"restoring Underwood employee" should be "retiring Underwood employee"... Pesky iPad autocorrect.

That wouldn't have happened on a typewriter.


22-12-2022 12:18:34  #32

Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the contribution. 

And today, 2 doors down from the old typewriter shop location, is a PC repair 123 Elm Street.

Have to wonder when the old Pittsville typewriter shop finally closed its doors for good...???

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28-2-2024 12:56:17  #33

Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

From the previous Post No. 24, above, Mr. Mason Whitlock was filmed in a brief segment for the documentary titled "The Typewriter - In The 21st. Century". 

Funny sense of humour he had.

Probably passed away not too long after the filming of the documentary segment.

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16-4-2024 12:57:32  #34

Re: Old Typewriter Repair Shops...

This isn't a repair shop per se, but the former Smith-Corona factory in Cortland NY is still standing, and ironically houses an office supply store which does not sell any typewriters.

I'm not sure which machines were produced in Cortland, but it was their main factory from 1961-94, so my guess would lean towards their electric and electronic offerings. This replaced the Syracuse factory, and was in operation alongside a factory in Groton NY, which has since been demolished.


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