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11-5-2024 08:16:35  #991

Re: New Member Thread

Hello James,

Welcome to the Forum.

It is great you still have your typewriter from the good-ole-days.  Wish I had my portable from my University days in the late 1970's.  It was a Royal Futura 600 portable.

I have both the Lettera 22 and the 32.  I like my 32 a lot more.  I think its bigger side and heft makes it feel less my 22 does.

Only feature on the 32 I do not like is the very skinny space-bar.  Feels like I am trying to perch my thumb on a wooden pencil when I use it.


12-5-2024 09:59:10  #992

Re: New Member Thread

Thanks Pete.

The Lettera 22 is my favourite but that is easy for me to say as it's the only working one in my collection and the only one I have any real experience of!  I'm keeping an eye out for a 32 but will need to wait a while as my Stdio 44 has now arrived and needs a fair bit of work to make it usable and I also have a cheap Lexikon 80 headed my way - condition unknown but paint is worn off at the front so guess it has had a hard life.  I'm just praying that it survives the journey, the carriage return lever strikes me as being very vulnerable to damage.  A Graphika is outside my price range so the 32 is the remaining Nizzoli design for my collection, not that I have any space for it or the Lexikon!


12-5-2024 12:51:26  #993

Re: New Member Thread


I have gotten creative with a metal wall shelf storage system (meant for car garage use), but handy for typewriters as well.

If you mount the vertical supports to the wooden studs inside the wall, each shelf is rated to hold 100 lbs. 

This is one wall of my hobby room with 30 machines along that wall.


13-5-2024 01:36:29  #994

Re: New Member Thread

That’s an excellent idea, Pete, very neat, thanks.


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