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24-11-2019 22:38:59  #1

Looking for info on Remington No. 5 (album link in post)

Hello, I recently picked up this Remington Standard No. 5. Mechanically everything works, but has some cosmetic work to be done. I've been googling similar machines but noticed a few odd things I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction on. 1) The ribbon spool has two wood dowels on either side which appear to convert it from a 1.5" ribbon to a standard 0.5" ribbon. Any ideas? Never seen this before. And 2) the front where it says "Remington Standard No. 6".... it appears that the "No. 6" was re-lettered as I can see the white outline of what appears to be an older letter. Was this common? Or is this not actually a '6'. Thank you. Jim.

I should also add, if you have any good information on this machine, please share.


24-11-2019 23:05:49  #2

Re: Looking for info on Remington No. 5 (album link in post)

Also the serial number is #1828. According to TypewriterDatabase, that mean it is from 1894 (the first year of production). Pretty neat if I am reading the chart correctly.

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24-5-2024 14:53:32  #3

Re: Looking for info on Remington No. 5 (album link in post)

Necropost, but that's a No. 6. Obvious visual differences between the two are:
-the No. 5 has a thinner front bezel than the No. 6.
-the No. 5 and 42 keys, the No. 6 has 38 keys.
-the No. 5 has no cover for the typebasket's front edge, while the No. 6 does (though it's sometimes missing).
-the No. 5 has two front carriage wheels, while the No. 6 only has one.
-the No. 5 has a bare wood spacebar, while the No. 6's is black.

Upstrike Remingtons had at least three different decals styles declaring their model number; yours looks like it previously had the "rectangular" type (for example, this No. 8, but after it wore away someone replaced it with the more common "large" decal.

In a nutshell, you have a No. 6 whose front decal wore off and someone replaced it with the correct one of a different style.


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