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09-8-2015 11:49:52  #1

What's the name of this part (IBM Selectric)?

Backspace on my Selectric III didn't work, so I opened up the case and found the culprit (plus a couple of loose screws, yay).. messed a bit around and made things worse.

So question is, does anybody know the name of this plastic part that keeps the spring in place which in turn enables backspace to push the carriage back, and is it possible to order it somewhere or can I use something else?

Any tips for where I can find maintenance manuals would also be great, since dissecting the machine by myself is something I'd rather not risk without a comprehensive checklist.. 


29-8-2015 17:49:40  #2

Re: What's the name of this part (IBM Selectric)?

It's called a cord tensioner pulley. You can get repair kits from Coleman Mfg. Also you can get free IBM Parts/ Adjustment Manual and maintenance manual by joining the the free Yahoo Group "golfballtypewritershop" and downloading them. It's mostly made up of ex IBM Typewriter Techs. like me.


04-3-2016 20:16:20  #3

Re: What's the name of this part (IBM Selectric)?

Oh, how many of these have I put in?  They ALL do this.  The first thing you ought to know when you see this is that it is mounted with only one bolt.  Getting that rascal off is easy, but once off, DON'T TURN ON THE MACHINE WHATEVER YOU DO!!!  Just pull out a little extra cord, but not too much.  Wind the other one back in and bolt 'er up.  It's about the easiest Selectric repair when you do it just right.

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30-6-2024 09:12:31  #4

Re: What's the name of this part (IBM Selectric)?

So, how can we repair this plastic part ?



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