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16-1-2015 21:40:35  #1

Stiff SG1?

I recently was given a SG1 from my school's basement to clean up and use to write my history fair report. Everything works after some light cleaning except for the shift, which is still sluggish. However the type action is very, very stiff. I have two SG3s so I have a ballpark estimate for what it should feel like. I can get used to its type action after a little while, but then I have to re-adjust to my lighter machines because I find myself pounding the heck out of them! It doesn't feel gummy at all, nor is it sluggish. It is still very fast if I type hard enough, so I am doubting it is from dust buildup etc. I have also made sure that the touch selector is at 1.

Here is a rather poor picture of it, along with a more detailed description: (yes, I know the touch selector is at 8 in the picture-- it is still very stiff at a setting of 1)


17-1-2015 16:57:59  #2

Re: Stiff SG1?

While I can't be of much help with the mechanics, I just wants to say congrats! Also, double congrats at the fact that you actually have the paper holder/guide on the back!!


17-1-2015 18:03:58  #3

Re: Stiff SG1?

I've lost track of how many SG1s I have now, eight maybe? The point is that I'm fairly familiar with the issue they have coming out of long-term storage or disuse. It's not uncommon for the type action to feel heavy, and even more common for the ribbon transport system to not work. I don't know what the official part name is, but I call it the typebar segment, which is probably the problem - providing you've cleaned the segment really well. Flip the machine onto its back panel so the keys are in the air and you'll see the segment that the typebars pivot and move through. If those are gummed up, which in my experience happens, then it will not type properly. You need to clean that area extensively.

The shift issue is probably also a matter of gummed up components. Follow the shift linkages and make sure all of them have been properly cleaned.

20-1-2015 22:42:16  #4

Re: Stiff SG1?

Alright, I thought I got the segment pretty good with denatured alcohol but I'll give it another shot this weekend. Thanks!

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